SUPATHA Career Advancement Programme

SUPATHA is the diocesan career advancement programme centre dedicated

  • To promote the youth of the Diocese of Udupi in to the civil services and key leadership positions of our nation’s governance through competitive exams.
  • To form the youth of the Diocese of Udupi as value based leaders in the society who promote and affirm human dignity, gender equality, integrity, accountability, excellence and sustainable development.

SUPATHA operates networking with Karnataka Regional Organization for Social Service (KROSS) and the diocesan social service units, with the purpose of empowering our youth by giving them the technical assistance, motivation and building their capacities. This unit also functions as the centre for planning, information sharing, research and development.


Value based leaders for the just and peaceful nation building


Competent, Committed and Effective people are into civil services and other key leadership positions of the Governance of our nation


Empowering the marginalized youth of the Diocese of Udupi to get into governance through various competitive examinations.

Our Priority

Meritorious Youth and Children of Diocese of Udupi (8th Std to PG Students)

Our Approach

  • Networking with the various units of the Diocese like parishes, school/college administration, YCS, ICYM, ICDP etc.
  • Motivation
  • Capacity Building

What we do?

  • Database: Collecting and compiling the data of the interested and meritorious students availing the services of various schools & colleges, YCS/ICYM, ICDP, Christian SHG’s, and Catholic Associations of the parishes.
  • Compilation of employment details and other opportunities.
  • Information dissemination about Career options, competitive exams and employment opportunities.
  • Constantly Motivating the youth and their parents towards taking up civil services
  • Organizing trainings to face various competitive exams and interviews to those who are aspiring for the civil services.

Selection Criteria for the programme

  • Students aged between 13 to 30 (8th to Post graduate) who have secured above 65% marks in individual subjects
  • Those who exhibit high level of motivation and self confidence and having a desire to serve the nation

Implementation Strategy

  • Remote Preparation
  • Proximate Preparation

Remote Preparation

  • Identifying the bright students (Class VIII onwards) of the Diocese through visiting schools, parishes, families
  • Motivation and counseling the Students
  • Motivation and counseling the parents
  • Forming the students clubs at the school/parish/deanery level
  • One to one session with the students and parents
  • Identifying a volunteer each at the parish/school level and giving them orientation
  • Building a resource team at the diocese level
  • Conducting ongoing programs/activities for the identified students through quiz, mock test, mock interviews, talent search, student clubs, exposures etc.
  • Career Guidance
  • Personality Development course/sessions
  • Enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence in students
  • Coaching in communicative English Language
  • Documentation and follow-up
  • Playing the role of a resource bank

Proximate Preparation

  • Motivating the eligible youth to take up civil service examinations
  • Counseling and helping them to apply and write various civil service examinations
  • Documentation and follow up
  • Playing the role of a Resource Bank
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