About Youth Commission Udupi

Youth Commission is the chief organ of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India that inspires and animates the youth apostolate of the Latin Church towards a deeper Christian awareness and commitment through faith formation. It aims to achieve its objective by working in close collaboration with the Regional Youth Commissions, Indian Catholic Youth Movement (ICYM) and other various Catholic Youth Movements in India.

The Scope and the key areas of the work of the Commission for Youth (CCBI) will be the promotion and encouragement of Catholic youth in their understanding of Christian Faith and Vocation, and their personal commitment to Christian values. In particular, The Commission focuses on the holistic growth of the Catholic youth and on their ensuing commitment towards the Church and the larger society in India. 

The Youth Commission was officially set up by the Executive Committee of CCBI at CBCI Centre in New Delhi on April 22, 2008. Ever since the moment of its inception, the CCBI Youth Commission has persuasively guided the youth of India with the principles of Christian charity, with the significant support of the Regional Youth Commissions and the various Youth Movements in India, in a spirit of collaboration, cooperation and complementarity.

The Diocese of Udupi (Latin Rite) was erected on 16.07.2012. The official inauguration of the Diocese of Udupi and Installation of Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo as its first Bishop took place on 15 October, 2012 at the Milagres Cathedral Grounds at Kallianpur. After this Youth Commission came into existence in the new diocese of Udupi.

The Youth Pastoral Plan - Mission 2025


Educated and united Catholic youth for Christian leadership.


* To form catholic youth as value-based leaders in the society.
* To motivate the youth to work for the development of the society.


Youth rooted in faith and filled with Christian spirit.


  • By December 2016 at least 50% of the Youth in all the parishes actively participate in the liturgy, family prayer, Bible study sessions, retreats, etc
  • All the parishes of the diocese have established the youth units and at least 20% of the members of these units are active and effective leaders by 2014
  • A team of resource persons is available at the diocesan level by 2014
  • At least 50% of youth in the diocese have completed higher education and at least 25 youth have value based leaders in civil service by 2020
  • At least 50% of the parishes actively participate in Ward Sabha and Gram Sabha and avail government schemes and entitlements by 2015
  • By 2014 the youth take active leadership in nurturing the mother tongue Konkani and in preserving the Konkani culture through various programmes.
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