YCS Shirva Deanery - Eka Meka Sangi Yek Dees

Sep 11, 2016

YCS Shirva Deanery youths spent a fruitful day at a whole day seminar titled "Ekameka Sangi Ek Dis" held at St. John's Shankerpura, Udupi Diocese on Sunday 11th September 2016.


The day "Ekameka Sangi Ek Dis" means "A day together" was inaugurated by the Chief Guest of the day Rev. Fr. Vincent Coelho (Principal, PU College, St. John's Shankerpura) accompanied by Rev. Fr. Edwin Dsouza  (YCS Director, Udupi Diocese), Rev. Fr. Paul Rego (YCS Director, Shirva Deanery),  Ms. Leena Mendonca (YCS Animator Udupi Diocese), Miss. Jane Mendonca (YCS Animator, Shirva Deanery) and Manish Dsouza (YCS President, Shirva Deanery).

The program began with a prayer, followed by talk by Fr. Edwin Dsouza on leadership, followed by Bible quiz conducted by Deacon Bro Anil Fernandes, Jeppu Seminary. There were five rounds of the quiz and at the end Pamboor Parish scored the highest and won the top prize followed by Pilar and Pernal parishes.


After the lunch skits were presented by all parish units. Their presentation was supper, all presented very valuable, family oriented, lessons to youth and environment. The best among was went to Shirva Parish which was based on environment, village life and saving the green forests, wonderfully presented by youth and had good background greenery set up. The second place bagged by Belman parish and third by Pamboor.


The judges for the skit competition were Rev. Fr. Lawrence Cuntinho and Sr. Daphny (Superior, Carmel Convent Kallianpur).

In the valedictory function, Fr. Paul Rego thanked each and every one for organizing this great event especially all Deanery YCS Animators, YCS Presidents and teams for a wonderful and meaningful day spent together. On the dais Fr. Vincent Coello, Fr. Edwin Dsouza, Fr. Canute Noronha (Asst. Parish Priest Shirva), Fr. Joswin Dsouza (Asst. Priest, Belman Parish) and all Deanery Animators and YCS Presidents and secretaries were present. All the judges, animators, presidents and officials of the YCS Shirva deanery were felicitated with flowers by Fr. Edwin Dsouza.


The prizes and trophies for the winners were presented by Fr. Vincent Coello.


The vote of thanks was proposed by Miss. Caroll (YCS Shirva Deanery Secretary) and MC morning session was compered by Miss. Rhia Pinto and closing ceremony by Miss. Dimple Menezes (YCS President, Belman).

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